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K-12 Textbook Samples

Page history last edited by Amanda 3 years, 9 months ago

A list of links (and usernames and passwords as needed) for evaluating and reviewing textbooks recently adopted.  This list will be reviewed and updated periodically - last update 2/4/2020.

Social Studies K-12 (including high school Personal Financial Literacy), Agriculture, Math (high school), Art, Music, Drama, Communications Applications, Humanities, Literary Genres, Journalism, College Readiness & Study Skills, Practical Writing Skills, and Reading I, II, III are listed below.

Link to a separate page with English Language Arts and Reading K-12, Handwriting, and Spelling.




American Legacy Publishing dba Studies Weekly 
Social Studies: Grades K-5
Username: TXadoption
Password: demo 

For more detail on what to do next, go here.


Herff Jones/Nystrom Publishing
Social Studies: Grades K-3 




McGraw Hill School Education, LLC
Social Studies: Grades 6, 7, 8 (World Cultures & Geography is the 6th grade title; Texas History is the 7th grade title; United States History to 1877 is the 9th grade title)

High School Social Studies: United States History since 1877,  World History, World Geography, United States Government, Economics, Psychology
Username: MHE_TX_Public
Password: 18education36  


Perfection Learning - High School Social Studies: United States Government 

Title:  Basic Principles of American Government

Username: Texas2015

Password: Proc2015


Perfection Learning - High School Social Studies: Economics 

Title:  Economics for Everybody

Username: Texas2015 

Password: Proc2015


B. E. Publishing Inc. - Personal Financial Literacy (high school)

Go to Personal Financial Literacy (e-text) under Post-Adoption Sample and use log-in credentials below.  For teacher resources, click on the folder in the top menu bar in the e-text (Resources), then on the Resources tab, then on the Instructor down-arrow.  More directions at this link

Username: teacher2019

Password: review123 


Decker & Associates Inc. - Personal Financial Literacy (high school)

Real Life Personal Finance - For The Classroom - After logging in, click on the Real Life Personal Finance link on the Dashboard.  On the next page, scroll down to and click on Instructor Table of Contents.

Username:  TEAClass@deckerusa.com

Password:  Proc2019


Goodheart-Willcox Company - Personal Financial Literacy (high school)

Username:  txfofl#teacher

Password:  proc2019

Foundations of Financial Literacy, 10th Edition, Instructor's Edition is down the page.


Ramsey Education - Personal Financial Literacy - use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari

Username:  tx.teacher@example.com

Password:  DebtFree

After logging in, click on View.  A PDF of the student print textbook is here.





Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Prentice-Hall - Agriculture and other Career & Technical Education programs

Username:  txcte

Password:  Pearson1

Then click on Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources.




Big Ideas - High School Mathematics:  Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II - student editions only.




Davis Publications, Inc.
Fine Arts, Elementary- Art, Grade K TRS Edition, Art, Grades 1-5
Fine Arts, Middle School- Art I-III
Fine Arts, High School-Art I-III, Painting I, Art and Media Communications I-II, Ceramics I-II, Design I, Digital Art and Media I
Username: review5
Password: 2015 

Go to Curriculum Builder and then click on Sample Lessons.




Patti DeWitt, Inc. - student editions only
for General Music Learning Systems, Grades K-5, Music Grades 3 and 5:  Click on Music Magic Elementary Music Program at top, then click on either Grade 3 Student Edition or Grade 5 Student Edition (these were the only two adopted by the state).
for General Music Learning Systems, Grade 6 Pupil Edition, and Choir 1-3; and High School:  Choir III-IV:  Click on The Singing Musician at the top, then click on the appropriate level.  


QuaverMusic.com, LLC
Elementary:  General Music Learning Systems, Grades K-5, Music Grades 2 through 5
Sign up to preview 36 lessons for free for 30 days, register at this link:  https://www.quavermusic.com/preview/?utm_source=ic-text&utm_medium=web-q&utm_campaign=home18




Drama Education Network
Theatre Grades K-5, Middle School Theatre 1-3, Theatre Arts I-IV

No user names or passwords, but you'll need to dig around a bit to find sample lessons.

Perfection Learning 

Username: Texas2015 

Password: Proc2015

Technical Theatre I, Technical Theatre II, Technical Theatre III, Technical Theatre IV
Theatre Arts I, Theatre Arts II, Theatre Arts III, Theatre Arts IV

In all cases, after logging in, choose Basic Drama Projects ATE 9th Ed




Perfection Learning Corporation

Title:  Projects in Professional Communications 

User name:  commtexasteacher#@plconline.com (replace the # with a number from 1 to 10)

Password:  Proc2020

After logging in, choose the Projects in Professional Communications Teacher Edition link, second from the right.




Shmoop University

Title:  African American Poetry

Title:  Greek and Roman Mythology

Title:  Holocaust Literature

Title:  Journalism - semester a, semester b

Title:  Reading for College Success

User name for all:  txproc2020public

Password for all:  Publicaccess1




TPS Publishing, Inc.

Title:  STEAM into Practical Writing Skills I

Title:  STEAM into High School Reading

User name:  TEA2020

Password:  tea2020

Choose appropriate title and then teacher or student edition.



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